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Femme Force

The Transformers Fem-bots Fan Community

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The Transformers Fembots Fan Community

Femme Force

A Transformers Fembots Fan Community

Due to the fact that our lovely fembots just done't get enough love here on LJ, it was decided to creat a new TF fan community that focuses solely on our favorite femme characters from all Transformers universes.

At the beginning a few RULES:

§ As the community name indicates femmes/fembots should be main focus (or at least be one of the main characters) of your posts.

§ Remember to tag your entry, it really helps us organize the stuff around here, plus, it's easier for you to find what you're looking for without wasting your time on scrolling and loading pages ten times over.

§ The community has no age restrictions, but note that some users may not be of age, so, please, put all the inappropriate/adult content under a labeled lj-cut and friend-lock it!

§ The community was brought up to allow us, common users, exchange our thoughts about the topic and share our works. In this case do not insult, bash, flame or lead hate crusades against other users. Doing so will get you banned from the community.


tf_femmeslash, transficsation


The main rule is that fembots/femmes should be present in your entries. You can make them main characters of your work or worked them along their male counterparts and friends, but they cannot serve as a decoration in the background.

The MOD took it to her heart and to avoid situation like this (Click, click) female OC are allowed, but, please, keep level head about it, folks. There's one ban, however, do not post fanfictions, one-shots or drabbles revolving only around OCs, they have to fit in the chosen universe and stay related/conected to at least one known Transformer character. That means no stories taking place in a far away galaxy that has no canon Transformer character in them.

An entry with an OC tag with oc.

Human female characters from Transformers like Mikaela Banes, Alexis or Carly are allowed as well, but human OC characters not (for the time being, anyway).

Male OC cannot be main characters of your posts, so please limit their usage to minimum or do not use them at all.

Gender bender? Yes, just tag it gender bender, and gender-swapped character with femme!insert-name-here.

Now shortly about what you can post in your entries:

¬ fanfiction - those are all kind of fanfics, be it one-shots or multichapter stories;
¬ drabble - ficlets, snippets;
¬ artwork - stands for your drawings, sketches, collabs and many, many more;
¬ graphics - all icons made by you plus screencaps and wallpapers, but no toy photos;
¬ plot bunny - you have an interesting idea, feel free to share it with us;
¬ meme
¬ media - all viedos and music videos as long as they stay in topic;
¬ challange - challenges and contests (didn't see reason to divide them up);

A little help for the beginners - GUIDELINES

Put a header at the beginning of a post that contains some basic information about the post content:

¬ Title (optional),
¬ Author (optional),
¬ Series,
¬ Character(s) or Pairing(s),
¬ Rating (and Warning(s) if needed),
¬ Summary (optional),
¬ Author's Note or in short A/N (optional).

Remember also that all of the post content below the header must go under lj-cut, whether it's G or NC-17 rated and do not forget to tag it properly. Name:

¬ characters (eg tags: optimus prime, elita-one (do not fear to include mechs here!));
¬ series/universe (tags: movieverse, tf animated, beast wars, g1, shattered glass, etc.);
¬ rating (tags: rated g, pg, pg-13, r, nc-17);
¬ type of entry (tags: fanfiction, drabble, artwork, etc.);

Do not name poster, however.

If you want to add a new tag first of all check if the needed tag already exists if not add it, but be aware that duplicated or wrong tags will be removed.

When it comes to ratings here's some info :

¬ G [K] - content suitable for most ages [5+];
¬ PG [K+] - some content may not be suitable for young children [9+];
¬ PG-13 [T] - contains content not suitable for children [13+];
¬ R [M] - contains content suitable fo mature teens and older [16+];
¬ NC-17 [MA] - contains explict content for mature adults only [18+];


chimeronette ¬ chimeronette@gmail.com